Backlight Accessories

Most LCD panel backlights are now LED based and the power requirements have dropped considerably. In addition many panels have the LED driver (versus LED inverter for CCFL backlit panels) built-in.

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Power Protection


» Description: Helps to protect the display system from burnout when larger power sources are involved. This board enables current of up to 8 Amps to be managed while retaining the capability for inverter dimming and management of the inverter enable signal. Also provides over voltage and reverse polarity protection ensuring a longer life span for your equipment.
» Works with: High power backlight systems
» Input signal: DC power
» Output signal: DC power
» Part number: 4160400xx-3

» Manual
» 3D drawing (SLDPRT)

Inverters & Drivers


» Description: For CCFL and LED type backlights Digital View can help source and supply suitable inverters (for CCFL) and drivers (for LED). Some of our controller models include a built-in LED driver.
» Works with: Specific panels
» Part number: varies