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Digital View LCD controllers and accessories with features that meet the needs of indoor and outdoor digital signage displays.
» Support for sensors: Temperature, Fans, GPIO
» Built-in media player for input source failover
» Ethernet & RS-232 communications for telemetry and commands
» Both direct command and local webserver support

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Controllers & Accessories to Consider

SVX-4096, SVX-4096-120


» Description: The SVX-4096 and SVX-4096-120 are both designed to drive 4K resolution panels and incorporate features well suited to digital signage displays. They have built-in Ethernet and RS-232 connection as well as support for

» SVX-4096
» SVX-4096-120

SP-1920, SP-4096


» Description: The SP-4096 and SP-1920 drive 4K and Full-HD panels respectively. They both include a Full-HD resolution media player for input signal failover, so if an input source such as from a media player fails, the internal media player will take over.
» Both models are fully compatible with the IP-60v2 add-on board providing Ethernet connectivity for telemetry and control as well as support for fans, temperature sensors and a GPIO.

» SP-4096
» SP-1920



» Description: The IP-60v2 is an accessory board that provides both Ethernet connection for telemetry and commands as well as connection and GPIO for fans, temperature sensor and other.

» IP-60v2