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IR (Infra-red) remote control is a useful and frequently used interface for accessing display menu and functions.

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IR Remote Control


» This is a general layout to works with all Digital View controllers that have an IR sensor attached. For monitor design it is expected that the Ir sensor will be located to work with the remote control.

» Part number: 5590001xx-3

IR Receiver Board


» An accessory board to make it easier for monitor designers to mount the IR sensor in a convenient location.

» IR board part number: 416015300-3
» Kit, IR board & cable: Kit 70221-3

IR Port Control


» Works with: SVX-4096 (note that the SVX-4096-120 has the IE-2000 functionality built-in).
» Input signal: V-by-One 8 channel
» Output signal: V-by-One 16 channel
» Image enhancement: Advanced motion compensation frame interpolation to increase frame rate from 60Hz to 120Hz
» Part number: TBA

IR Repeater


» For daisy-chained displays this board enables the IR command to be carried to each of the displays and works together with the monitor ID capabilities.

» Part number: TBA