Other Accessories

In addition to the various Accessories otherwise listed Digital View also produces a number of other accessory boards to complement the LCD controller board range.

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LCD Panel Connectors


» Works with specific controller & LCD panel models

» Part number: Various

HD-BaseT Tx/Rx


» Designed to work with the DD-1920-HDBT controller, this converts HDMI to HD-BaseT.
» Input signal: HDMI
» Output signal: HD-BaseT, standard signal.
» Part number: 4160208xx-3

» Manual 1.0

Firmware Programming Interfaces

firmware programmer

» A number of the Digital View LCD controllers require supplemental interface boards for firmware upgrading.
» Input signal: Typically RS-232
» Output signal: RS-232
» Part number: Various

LVDS Splitter 1:2

low power standby

The purpose of this board is to drive two LCD panels from a single LCD controller board.
» Input: LVDS 8 bit
» Output: 2 x LVDS 8 bit
» Part number: TBA

Low Power Standby

low power standby

» Works with LCD controller boards to reduce power to a minimum until "soft" power on command received.
» Part number: TBA

» Manual - TBA