Composite Video Input

Working as an accessory add-on board to a main LCD controller, these boards will convert composite video signals to a format suitable for input to a LCD controller. Ideal for enhancing controllers to accept legacy signals.

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AVD-1000 (EOL announced, see notes)


Note: An End of Life notice was posted for this model with effect from 1 May 2019. Limited inventory maybe available, contact us for details.

An accessory add-on board to a main LCD controller, the AVD-1000 converts a standard PAL/NTSC or S-Video video signal to HDMI.The HVD-1000 version is for harsher environments.
» HVD-1000 works with: HX-1920v3
» Input signal: 2 x PAL/NTSC
» Input signal: 2 x S-Video
» AVD-1000 part #: 416018731-3
» HVD-1000 part #: 416018830-3

» AVD/HVD-1000: Manual v1.1
» AVD/HVD-1000: 2D drawing (DWG)
» AVD/HVD-1000: 3D drawing (SLDPRT)



Digital View accessory board for use with Digital View LCD controller boards.

» The AVD-2000 converts interlaced PAL/NTSC video to progressive format HDMI video (deinterlace function).
» Suitable for use with all Digital View LCD controller boards with HDMI input.
» Input signal: 4 x PAL/NTSC
» AVD-2000 part #: 4160234xx-3

» AVD-2000: Manual (PDF)
» AVD-2000: 2D drawing (PDF)
» AVD-2000: 3D drawing (SLDPRT, STEP, IGS)