SP6-133 Board for E Ink 13.3" Spectra 6


For E Ink 13.3" Spectra 6 Panels

A power interface for E Ink Spectra 6 panels providing an optional on-board MCU.

•  For 13.3" E Ink Spectra 6 displays
•  Compatible with SPI inputs:
    •  Digital View STM-100
    •  Raspberry Pi
•  On-board MCU build option:
    •  Low-power standby
    •  Choice of wake-up modes
    •  Wi-Fi & Bluetooth
•  Conversar CMS compatible

•  Part number: 4160257xx-3

SP6-133 Power & Interface Board for E Ink Spectra 6 Displays

We designed the SP6-133 board to enable E Ink 13.3" Spectra 6 display systems. The SP6-133 board can be used as a power interface board between a media source, for example the Digital View STM-100 or a Raspberry Pi, or as a main board using the optional on-board MCU.

The SP6-133 continues Digital View's heritage in digital signage technology.

Specifications: SP6-133 Board

Panel Support E Ink 13.3" Spectra 6
Model: EL133UF1
Processor - On-board build option ESP32 MCU, a low power processor.
The SP6-133 is designed as a power interface or complete image driver board using the optional ESP32. The low-power standby mode functions are particularly relevant to ultra-low power operating scenarios.
Operating System A wide range of ESP32 compatible OS's can be used
Input & Outputs SPI input/output
USB-C for data transfer and 5V DC input
Board size (PCB) 111mm x 83mm
Media board compatibility The SP6-133 is designed to be used with:
•  Digital View STM-100
•  Raspberry Pi
Content Update The SP6-133 is compatible with:
•  Conversar CMS, our cloud based signage service
•  EP Demo App, a free app suitable for 1 to 3 displays
Functions Media retrieval and writing to the panel
Initial release date Scheduled for Q2, 2024

System Example

An epaper display system using an E Ink panel is likely to be made up of the following parts:
- E Ink epaper panel, for example 13.3" E Ink Spectra 6 panel
- Digital View SP6-133
- Media board, STM-100 (option)
- Connection to power and communications
- Enclosure

For more details on putting together a display system or other related question please contact us.


Pending release

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