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Solutions For E Ink E-paper Displays

Solutions For E Ink E-paper Displays

Digital View Enables Your E Ink Display Project

Enabling Your E Ink Display Project

E Ink low power epaper displays are popular for a wide range of indoor and outdoor signage applications, see the characteristics and benefits section below. Digital View has developed controller & driver boards, panel kits & open-frame, and finished display products to support E Ink based display projects in transport, public signage and a wide range of commercial and public sign applications.

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Characteristics & Benefits of E Ink E-Paper Displays

E Ink's epaper technology has enabled ereaders for 20 years with unique characteristics that also make it ideal for public signage applications.

  • •   Bistable, so the image remains even with no power.
  • •   Sunlight readable, like paper.
  • •   Wide Viewing Angles, like paper.
  • •   Dark Sky compliant.
  • •   Lightweight and Thin, typically lighter and thinner than traditional LCD or LED screens.

Sunlight Readable

The E Ink epaper display technology, like paper, relies on reflected light. Like paper posters it is highly readable in daylight, and like paper it doesn't rely on power to be readable in sunlight.

Ultra Low Power

This is the other aspect where epaper based displays really excel. The display itself consumes zero power to hold an image so it is only the other electronics that consumes power. With suitable system it is easy top have a display system that operates completely independently with solar and/or wind power together with a rechargeable battery.

The very low power requirement means there are a number of power options:

  • •   AC to DC power (if available)
  • •   Solar &/or wind power with a rechargeable battery
  • •   POE (Power over Ethernet)

Dark Sky Compliant

E Ink displays do not emit light which makes them ideally suited to dark sky environments. They can be read with minimal ambient light or a sky shielded downlighter. For more information about the Dark Sky initiative see darksky.org

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Development News

Development News

For new product announcements and other developments please see our blog (https://www.digitalview.com/blog/). Or contact us if you would like to discuss a development opportunity.

Development topics:

  • •   Optical: Optical bonding, front light, protective films
  • •   Electronics: Driver boards, media boards, other accessory boards
  • •   Software: Apps and utilities for working with E Ink panels
  • •   Enclosures: Indoor and outdoor

Connection Guide

Connection Guide

Download our Connection Guide (PDF) for an overview of connecting an E Ink panel.

Let's Talk

Let's Talk

For more information or to discuss a project implementation please contact us using the form below, or our direct contact details or webpage chat.