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LCD Controller Boards For LCD Monitors & Epaper Displays


LCD Controller Boards

LCD controller boards for LCD panels of all sizes & resolutions from 640x480 up to 4K for use in all types of commercial & industrial video monitors. LCD driver board models for harsh environment video monitors.


E Ink Epaper Solutions

Controller boards, Media Player, CMS and Displays using E Ink epaper. Color and monochrome for indoor and outdoor ultra-low power signage, signboard and other display projects.


Accessories & Connection Diagrams

Accessories and Controller Solution Generator (CSG) for a display connection diagram matching controller board and display panel.

Digital View enables E Ink® epaper based large format display projects: See E Ink Display Solutions

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Controller & display systems 13.3, 25.3, 28, 31.5, 42 inch and tiled larger sizes. Color and monochrome.
See our E Ink web pages E Ink Display Solutions

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Making a Monitor?

An LCD controller board is the interface between a video signal like HDMI and the LCD panel in a LCD monitor. It converts and formats the video signal and also enables many user and system functions.

Link to Blog: What is an LCD controller?

New Products

•  Product Guide NEW (2022)
•  HX-2560-SDI (Q4 2021)
•  SVX-1920-PRO (Q4 2021)
•  E Ink drivers & Displays

New & Updated Accessories:
•  5 button OSD switch mount
•  Software updates